The Why For Jason!

The Way For Jason!


Some of you may be asking why are Jason and Aaron doing this podcast. Aaron answered his why in a previous blog and I would like to take the time to answer why I am doing this endeavor. I have been blessed to have a multitude of life experiences that are as varied as they are in number, but I love being a Paramedic and paramedicine.  The love is not from being able to do a lot of very cool things, rather from having an independence in practice and having to make difficult decisions quickly and accurately. To be a Paramedic is difficult and I am far from a good Paramedic but I strive to become better everyday.  I love medicine and how we can truly make a difference in someone’s life with good medicine and a positive attitude.  The attitude can be difficult at times and the good medicine even harder as we grow in our clinical practice while our protocols lag behind.

  My love of paramedicine wants me to make the profession of being a Paramedic better known and better paid.  At the same time, I want to make something that my brothers and sisters in this profession to connect with and hopefully, make their day a little brighter by knowing there are others out there thinking about what they are thinking about.  We can make this profession better by coming together and having conversations.  Not the conversations about how cool we are and the cool things that we can do, rather about all of the things that make us Paramedics, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  I want to thank you all for listening and contributing to this podcast and blog.  Let’s all learn together as brothers and sisters and make a positive change in our profession.  Thank you all for what you do and for taking the time to read and listen.