The Why For Aaron!

The Way For Aaron!


As I begin this journey, I want to take a moment to discuss why I am doing this. For me, I must explain what prompted me to start a blog and podcast. But first, I want you to know one thing; this is not something I expected to ever do. Actually, I never saw myself being in EMS for as long as I have been, but for some reason, I am still here. The scholar and podcaster Sam Harris discusses free will and how it is not real, and in some regard, I must agree with this theory. I am, in some ways, simply predestined on this course and doing precisely what the universe expects from me.

  That said, and freewill aside, I elected to start this podcast because I enjoy the notion of being able to freely discuss topics that are important to me but also important to my colleagues, fellow EMTs, and paramedics. I have listened to and read enough free open-access medical education (FOAMed) to realize that it is more often than not done by some brilliant people who discuss topics well-above my intellectual capabilities. So this podcast and the blogs to support the site will be of a different substance. I want this to be foundational, subjective, interesting, thought-provoking, but also and just as essential, no pen or pencil required. Something you can listen to on your way home from work and just listen without having to replay it three times to grasp the material.

  My friend Jason and I are going to attempt to provide you with discussion topics that you might discuss in your ambulance or in the crew rooms at your station. Obviously, we will abstain from the explicit language (as much as humanly possible) that comes with many of these discussions. Still, if it is pertinent and you wish to chat about it, then we can always make exceptions. There are no rules, just requests, and one is that we respect each other’s opinions and avoid disparaging one another because we might not agree. Finally, this is not a Monday morning quarterback podcast, either. We all are keenly aware of the mistakes we have made in the past and will likely make again, so let us just remember we are all human and can learn from our mistakes and each other.

  Thank you, really. Thank you for giving Jason and me this opportunity. We look forward to providing exciting material and chatting with all of you. This is an exciting step for me, and if I can speak for Jason, an exciting one for his as well.