Salary, Pay, and EMS Shortages

Salary, Pay, and EMS Shortages


Obviously, a lot of free world believes they are underpaid, and likely this is true, according to Noam Chomsky most of us live in a time where wages keep up working to live, and we are forced to stay in jobs we dislike to get by. However, that is a story for another day. That said, keeping high quality or at least experienced EMS professionals is a difficult task in and of itself.

  A recent survey of 15,000 EMS employees found that one of the main culprits for high turnover is low wages. It is thought that EMS management should do a better job of "recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retention" [1]. But how does this impact salary and pay? Well, easily, quality employees are, in many cases, attracted to fair compensation and stay for competitive pay [2]. Seems straightforward enough for me to believe. 

  There are more factors than pay that keep quality EMTs and paramedics at a job. So this is a very myopic perspective that I selected from this JEMS article to engage discussion. Let me know your thoughts and what keeps you happy at your EMS job or more generally in the field. Also, check out a blog I wrote a while back about I think it might give just a little more insight.



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