The paramedic has a lot of responsibility that goes unnoticed, but our most enormous responsibility besides our well-being is to the patient. And that should not be taken lightly. Patients are our primary duty, our responsibility, and why we exist. We can use words like an advocate, but really what we are saying is that these human-beings have put their lives into our hands and trust us with their care; that is an excellent responsibility.

We must, and this is without a shadow of a doubt, ensure that we do everything for the person under our care. This begins at the point we meet him or her, listen to their complaint, take it seriously, and do not shrug it off because it is not your “emergency." Treat them like we would want our loved ones to be treated.

Next, provide this patient, this person with any treatment that he or she needs. For instance, if you think they are having pain, they tell you they are having pain, and you have the ability to treat it; then do so. This is not suggestive of only analgesics, we have many tools and can provide comfort as well. Like, blankets, turning down the lights and making conversation if possible. All forms of quality patient care.

Finally, and we are all a bit guilty of this, but do not talk poorly of this person. Yes, it might have been funny, and we use comedy frequently to vent. But disparaging comments may impact patient care on their next call. For instance, maybe the medic you are joking with has a run where they pick up the patient and make a joke of it. This is how the cycle continues. You can stop this vicious cycle, and it is your responsibility.

Regards and as always be safe and pragmatic,