Clinical Podcasts and my Aversion

Clinical Podcasts and my Aversion

It isn't that I loathe a clinical podcast episode. It's that they're almost always redundant. What one clinician says another will regurgitate the same information in a different or more nuanced way. Don't get me wrong, I think FOAMEd is the way of the future, but come on already can we talk about something different than ketamine and laryngoscopes.

Look, I get it; clinical podcasts are essential. The information provided is also necessary, but it's boring, not always, but let's be reasonable and admit it's not still exciting.

The reason we started this podcast is so we could do something different for the same people who listen to the clinical podcasts but provide something lighter that you don't need paper and pencil for every episode. However, since the very first episode, we always touch on clinical information but have avoided delving into them any deeper because well, I've said it, it's been done already. Or maybe, I'm just not smart enough to discuss that type of information.

However, more recently, Jason and I have talked about doing some episodes with a clinical focus. But didn't want to lose our edge, our hipster appeal, if you will. After an hour of chatting on the phone we came up with a plan. Not a good idea, but a plan indeed. Jason, suggested we bring on someone smarter than us, someone with a far higher IQ than us to discuss these topics. We don't want to be myopic and boring and only do soft skills discussions - we want to enter the party of clinical chats and be versatile and entertaining at the same time.

And chats is precisely what they will be. We are fortunate enough to have met a paramedic who was and is willing to come on the show and discuss medicine at its finest. I'm not going to announce his name yet because we have more news.

So, the big news is, we have a first-ever PragMedics Medical Director. He will assume the duty of ensuring we don't sound too stupid within a few weeks. We are fortunate to such an esteemed member of our team. Who will be named in a few short days

Well, that's it, that's the blog this week. We, the PragMedics, have officially entered into the realm of medicine. They will be presenting episodes with the help of an up and coming paramedic and soon to be RN which will all be overseen by our medical director.

Thanks for reading and I hope you join us as we move forward with our show. Thanks to everyone who has listened to us up until now and plans to listen for many moons to come.



PS: We will announce the podcaster's name during a FB Live Are You Wearing Pants episode very shortly.