• During a recent training exercise in Guatemala, I had the pleasure of working with an international team of aircrewmen and students. Who all had something extraordinary to bring to the table. That said, communication is difficult because most of us were unfamiliar with each other, and English was not the first language of many.

  • After talking with numerous people who are smarter than myself, I believe that EMS education needs to be reexamined and remodeled.  This will not be easy and will take us as a profession some time to do it right. 

  • Growing up in the Navy, I learned early on that situational awareness was critical to the safety of myself and those around me and sortie completion rates.

  • Throughout my EMS career, I’ve heard from medics that “trauma is easy” that everyone loves trauma because those calls are so easy.

  • Aaron and I are real fans of checklists, but after releasing these two episodes about the topic, we found dissension among the EMS community about their usefulness.